Williams and Walsh - Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Overview

The law firm of Williams & Walsh is dedicated to providing our clients with professional, skilled, and highly effective legal representation while litigating civil claims and/or defenses in state and federal courts at all stages of litigation, including during the pre-litigation phase. We have the experience and sophistication to defend clients against lawsuits and bring lawsuits on behalf of wronged or injured clients in even the most complex cases ranging from matters involving personal injury, business disputes, breach of contract, real estate litigation and more.

Civil litigation involves the filing of pleadings in state or federal courts, conducting and defending depositions, engaging in discovery, extensive document production and/or review, evaluating damages, claims, and defenses, hiring investigators, accountants, economic impact analysts, and/or other experts as needed, challenging specialists and experts, participating in legal proceedings such as mediation, arbitration, jury or non-jury trials, and much more.

At Williams & Walsh, we will evaluate your case, advise you on employment, professional, and personal matters in order to assist you with protecting your interests. We begin preparing a case for trial from the outset, and are knowledgeable of both the state and federal civil procedures involved. Our attorneys are skilled at leveraging your position in an effort to obtain the best possible resolution.