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Latent Defects

A hidden or concealed defect. One which could not be discovered by reasonable and customary observation or inspection; one not apparent. Defect of which an owner has no knowledge, or which, in the exercise or reasonable care, he should have had no knowledge. One which cannot be discovered by observation or inspection made with ordinary care. — From Black’s Law Dictionary

The attorneys at Williams & Walsh handle a wide variety of construction defect claims. Property owners and investors too often suffer economic harm and other damages due to defects or failures in construction and design.

The types of construction defect claims we handle include:

  • Architectural and design errors
  • Faulty workmanship and construction
  • Building Code and Industry Standard Violations
  • HVAC Defective Systems & Installation
  • Structural failures – defective foundations, driveways, framing
  • Defective materials – windows, roofs, doors, siding, plumbing, HVAC, wiring, flooring, and other components
  • Faulty installation
  • Toxic mold, mildew, and water intrusion
  • Product defects – artificial stucco, waterproof coatings, synthetic building materials, siding

…. and a variety of other types of problems related to construction or construction materials.

The damages caused by faulty materials and construction can extend far beyond the economic arena. Not only can such construction-related problems be very expensive, they can also result in safety and health hazards to people in and around the building. Faulty wiring can lead to electrocution; mold, fungus, and exposure to toxic materials can cause serious illness. Medical expenses, long-term health consequences, and negatively-altered quality of life could also be part of the damages suffered due to defective construction.

There is also a possible emotional element of the loss of use of a beloved home for many victims of such defects. When these defects are the result of negligence on the part of contractors, architects, engineers or others involved in the design and construction of a building, appropriate compensation is due. Williams & Walsh’s attorneys strive to assess all components in order to achieve maximum compensation for our clients.

In our construction practice at Williams & Walsh, we regularly consult with highly-regarded industry experts to help us investigate and prove liability in complex cases which may involve multiple defendants. We work with these experts to isolate precisely the origin of the defect, whether it is a flaw in the design, a material defect, and/or an installer error. Our experience and our relationships with these reputable experts give us an edge in achieving the maximum compensation for the damages you have suffered. If you own or have invested in a property that is plagued by faulty construction or defective materials, contact Williams & Walsh today.

The attorneys at Williams & Walsh are prepared to grapple with the complex factual and legal issues surrounding a construction case. We will help you wade through the details and minutiae to prove liability and achieve just compensation for your losses through arbitration, mediation, or litigation. We fight to protect the rights of South Carolina businesses and individuals, and will advocate for you with a strong and experienced voice to protect your property or investment. Initial consultations are free, and all construction matters are handled on a contingency basis, which means we do not get paid until you achieve a recovery. Call today to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney about your construction issues.


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