Burn Injuries

Charleston, South Carolina Attorneys Experienced in Severe Burn Injuries

Actions for Recovery of Damages due to Severe Burns

Aside from brain and spinal injuries, a severe burn can be the most devastating injury a person can suffer. Burns sear the skin and can cause permanent nerve damage. The process of treating burns is long and extremely painful. Months of physical therapy, rehab, and medical procedures are needed, and it is often necessary for doctors to graft skin from other areas of the body onto the burn site, which brings with it a myriad of complications. There is also the mental and emotional trauma of dealing with the disfigurement that severe burns can cause.

And the damage is not limited to just the skin and the outer body; severe burns also cause traumatic internal injuries to tissues that can significantly limit or deprive someone of motor function, vital organ function, sensation, and reflex, which can have a devastating effect on its victims.

You need a licensed attorney who is familiar with this type of terrible injuries and who can provide you with the resources necessary to put your life back together. Let the firm of Williams & Walsh help you and your loved ones who have suffered so traumatically.

Common Burn Injuries

Burns can occur in a wide variety of circumstances:

  • Factory or farm machinery
  • Home appliance malfunction
  • Workplace accidents
  • Automobile accidents
  • Electrical malfunction
  • Tanning bed mishaps
  • Improper use of dyes and other household chemicals
  • Preventable lightning strikes