Motorcycle Accidents

Actions to Protect Motorcycle Riders

The public commonly has a negative image of owners and operators of motorcycles (sometimes called “bikers”). They believe that bikers are more reckless and less attentive than drivers of automobiles. The truth, however, is that the vast majority of motorcycle-automobile crashes are the result of the driver of the automobile failing to see, notice, or yield to a motorcyclist who is operating lawfully.

Further, there is a misconception that an injured biker not wearing a helmet cannot recover for his injuries. Insurers will often attempt to deny coverage to a biker on these grounds. In fact, South Carolina law does not require bikers over 21 years of age to wear a helmet, and the failure to do so is not a complete bar to recovery, especially where the accident was not caused by the biker.

How are motorcycle accidents different from regular car crashes?

Bikers are much more likely to be severely injured in an accident, and the fatality rate of motorcyclists is significantly higher than that of regular auto accident victims. This is because motorcycles do not enclose their passengers with roll bars, crush panels, airbags, and other safety devices common in an automobile. A biker is thus much more likely to make direct physical contact with a vehicle, road sign, tree, building or other obstacle, and is more likely to be thrown from the bike and impact the pavement, resulting in far worse injuries.

This increased chance of serious bodily injury, permanent disability, or death often requires extraordinary medical procedures, treatment, and long-term care, which have extraordinary price tags not always covered by insurance. You need an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer who understands the magnitude of these injuries and is familiar with the negotiation and litigation processes to protect your interest.

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