Spinal and Brain Injuries

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Actions to Recover for Damages due to Spinal or Brain Injury

Damage to the brain or spinal cord is life-altering. Victims often suffer partial or total paralysis, loss of motor function, loss of cognitive ability, loss of memory, changes in personality, etc. Treatment and rehabilitation is a very long process, often requiring months or years of therapy or long-term stays in a hospital or other facility. This does not even begin to account for the victim’s loss of lifetime earning capacity or the phenomenal expense required for long-term in-home care and medication.

No amount of money can return the injured person to her pre-injury health, but victims and their families often underestimate the amount of time and expense necessary to treat, rehabilitate, and recover from such a traumatic injury. If you or a loved one has suffered such an injury, be wary of any offer of settlement from negligent parties. They (and their insurers) often recognize the long-term recovery necessary in such cases and are quick to present what looks like an attractive settlement, knowing that the true expenses are many times more than what they offer.

Let the knowledgeable attorneys at Williams & Walsh handle the vast amount of documents and paperwork generated in these types of cases, contact the necessary professionals for injury specific insight and advice, and pursue the litigation necessary to obtain the compensation you are entitled to receive.