Williams and Walsh - Criminal Defense Overview

Criminal Defense Attorneys

At Williams & Walsh, our attorneys have represented over a 5,000 clients combined who were charged with state and/or federal crimes over the years. We will not only explain the criminal charges against you, but also consider and explain any and all collateral consequences such as driver’s license suspension, loss of professional license, loss of educational scholarships and funding, loss of security clearance, etc.

In South Carolina, all state-level felonies are prosecuted in General Sessions Court. General Sessions Courts also has jurisdiction over many state misdemeanors as well. At Williams & Walsh, LLC, we have successfully defended matters in General Sessions Courts all over the LowCountry and are happy to assist you in any criminal court.

We prepare each criminal case for trial regardless of whether the case results in a trial, and, as a result, we:

  • Conduct our own investigation with an experienced team of investigators into the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest, as well as into the legality and application of the procedures employed by law enforcement in making the arrest;
  • Interview eyewitnesses identified by the prosecution and attempt to locate other eyewitnesses in an effort to expose unknown facts and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case;
  • Meticulously review any and all Incident and Supplemental Reports and any and all evidence gathered by law enforcement and the prosecution against you; and,
  • Thoroughly review the details of your case and hire and collaborate with forensic experts, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other professionals in order to assist us in challenging the prosecution’s case as well as presenting mitigation evidence.

Williams & Walsh has effectively and aggressively assisted and defended clients charged with numerous crimes in state and federal courts.

We are prepared to defend and protect your constitutional rights and to assist in prevent you from making any statements to law enforcement authorities regardless of whether you are a target of an investigation or facing criminal charges. We can provide you with the legal guidance you need in navigating your way through the criminal justice system while vigorously preparing a defense for trial and negotiating the outcome for you whether in the form of a dismissal, a reduction of the charge(s), or otherwise.

Williams & Walsh is dedicated to providing not only legal representation on a criminal case, but also to assist in obtaining counseling and other services. A person undergoing an investigation and/or charged with a crime often suffers from extreme anxiety about the potential outcomes, and their relationships with their employers, family and friend are often challenged. We will talk with family, friends, employers, co-workers, and other persons, as requested in an effort to adequately inform them of the circumstances to provide reassurance. We will accompany you or appear on your behalf at all legal proceedings from Arraignments, Bond Hearings, Bond Reconsiderations, First and Second Appearances, Preliminary Hearings, Roll Call, or any other legal proceedings.