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Drug Trafficking/Possession with Intent to Distribute (PWID)/Distribution

In South Carolina, Possession with Intent to Distribute (PWID) a particular drug is based not only on the amount of a particular drug a person is allegedly caught with. PWID can be charged if law enforcement determines from a totality of the circumstances that the intent to distribute is present. In many cases, law enforcement makes this determination based on the presence of baggies, scales, ledgers, or other paraphernalia indicating that the drugs were meant for sale or distribution.

In South Carolina, drug trafficking charges are issued based on the weight of the particular drug – possession of greater than ten grams of cocaine or cocaine base, four grams of heroin, or ten pounds of marijuana is considered trafficking under South Carolina law. Trafficking and distribution offenses likewise carry heavy penalties, including mandatory minimum prison sentences of 25 years on some trafficking charges. Additionally, many trafficking and distribution charges are classified as violent crimes and are nonparoleable offenses. If you are facing such a charge, please contact Williams & Walsh, LLC at (843) 722-0157 to see how we can help.