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Williams & Walsh, LLC is a BBB Accredited Lawyer in Charleston, SC

Criminal defense, personal injury and civil litigation lawyers, Charleston SC.

Williams & Walsh is a women-owned premier criminal defense and plaintiffs’ litigation law firm offering nothing less than intelligent, effective, efficient, and empathetic service to all clients.

The foundation of our law firm is the understanding that any legal situation is a crisis in the client’s life. We are devoted to responding to a client’s crisis at a moment’s notice, and to effectively and efficiently handling each client’s case in an intelligent, non-judgmental, and supportive manner.

The attorneys at Williams & Walsh are dedicated to keeping our clients informed of the status and developments in their case, and to ensuring that our clients are more than satisfied with our legal representation.

Our firm is accustomed to tackling the most complex and challenging cases and achieving the best possible results through extensive research, preparation and effective advocacy. Our ability to quickly assemble a team of investigators, advisors, specialists, and/or leading experts in the nation, who specialize in the particular needs of a client’s case, if necessary, is unparalleled. Every case is backed by a 24-hour per day case management legal team.

We pride ourselves on our experience, accessibility, and results, and consider our representation in each matter a service, not a product. Because of this philosophy, our representation of you will be tailor-made to your background, your situation, your needs and your desired results.

Our lawyers provide representation throughout Charleston, SC and surrounding areas including Berkeley County, SC and Dorchester County, SC.

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