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Bad Faith Insurance Actions

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Actions against Insurance Companies for Bad Faith Failure to Pay

Insurance is a necessary service in our lives. Without it, we would be unable to afford most of our basic living expenses. Insurance policies may be issued to cover a variety of items and services:

  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Title insurance
  • Automobile insurance
  • Boat/RV/ATV insurance
  • Business insurance

What are “bad faith” claims?

When your insurance company denies an insurance claim that is otherwise covered under the terms of your insurance policy, they can be found to act in “bad faith.” Bad faith insurance actions can arise in a variety of situations. You may have an action against your insurer (called “first-party” claims) for denying a claim, failing to properly investigate and evaluate a claim, refusing to renew your policy, canceling your policy without notice, unfairly raising your premiums, and for a variety of other reasons.

You may also have an action against another person’s insurance company (called “third-party” claims) – such as an at-fault driver’s insurer – for failing to investigate, evaluate, and negotiate your claim, and for other reasons.

Why do I need an attorney to deal with my own insurance company?

The insurance claims process rarely goes smoothly. Claims are routinely denied, and the reasons given by the insurance company rarely make sense. Every insurance policy contains provisions called “Exclusion” clauses. These define when and where the insurance company can legitimately refuse to pay your claim. The problem, however, is that most insurance companies like to interpret and expand the logical definition of these exclusions and other provisions in the policy to deny coverage to a legitimate claim. In a large number of cases, the claim is denied and it is up to the policy-holder to convince the insurance company that the claim should be covered.

Instead of wading through the mass of confusing policy provisions and regulations, and waiting through the delays that are inevitable in trying to pursue the claim yourself, let the experienced attorneys at Williams & Walsh work to protect you. They understand the language and wording of these policy provisions, and they can determine whether the insurance company acted reasonably.

Don’t give up and forfeit money you are entitled to collect; let Williams & Walsh deal with the insurance company and work to get you all that you are entitled to receive.


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