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Qui tam/ Whistleblower

A qui tam, or whistleblower action, is when a private citizen brings suit on the government’s behalf to expose wrongdoing, corruption and/or fraud. The federal False Claims Act (FCA) imposes liability on those individuals, companies or organizations who defraud the government. The FCA contains the “qui tam” provision that allows those with knowledge that a corporation or organization is defrauding the government to “blow the whistle” on illegal activity.

Whistleblowers in certain contexts are not only protected from retaliation, they can be entitled to a share of any monies or damages recovered.

Examples of qui tam cases include, but are not limited to, the exposure of health care fraud (both Medicare and Medicaid), mortgage fraud, defense contractor fraud, government contractor fraud, financial industry fraud, and municipal or state construction project fraud.

Being a whistleblower can be a courageous thing to do, yet it is also fraught with stress.  Williams & Walsh, LLC has had success in guiding qui tam cases and we are happy to discuss yours with you today.  Please contact us at (843) 722-0157.